Dare to Dream Campaign

The DARE TO DREAM campaign was created to raise funds for the GRIP Scholarship Program. With every purchase of the monarch butterfly pendant necklace, 60% of the proceeds will go to GRIP. This butterfly was created last year by Nancy M., 2013 scholarship recipient, and Rainy L., scholarship recipient of the same year, made it into a necklace!

Rainy wrote, "This scholarship program is an important part of my journey, as I myself am one of the first recipients of this scholarship. Because of the GRIP scholarship and the mentorship of the volunteers, I was able to pursue a higher education. I also became a volunteer and helped to raise funds for the scholarship to help other DACAmented students continue their education."

We are not immigration attorneys.

Only licensed immigration attorneys are allowed are allowed to provide legal advice. For a list of local attorneys, please call the Berks Bar Association.  Beware of Notario Fraud. Notarios are not lawyers in the United States, they cannot represent you in court, and they should not be filling out immigration paperwork for you. Find out more about Notario Fraud.

Upcoming Events

Check back for any up coming events! In the meantime, contact us if you'd like to be part of our monthly meetings!

What we do


Inform the community on the immigration issues facing local youth and their families through summits, lectures, and events.


Provide resources to undocumented students so they can continue their education, research possible paths to citizenship, and live their lives.


Grow the DREAMer Scholarship fund for  students whose immigration status (or lack thereof) does not let them get student loans or grants.