Not all undocumented students are English learners.

Many undocumented students in Berks County have been living in the United States since they were young children. Many of them do not even know they're undocumented until they get to high school and life hits them. Check out some undocumented students' stories here.

Find out you have an undocumented student in your class/school?

Maybe you're at a loss of words, feeling useless/helpless for not being able to help the student? Don't worry, reach out to us, and we can help you find the best resources for the students. We're not attorneys, if the student needs legal help, check out our list of local immigration attorneys. What we CAN help with: counsel the student on what colleges are welcoming, where to find scholarships,  what are some careers to stay away from as an undocumented immigrant, guide you through how to speak with the student and parents, provide the student with some support. Reach out to us for more information. 

Interested in holding a training/workshop for teaching staff/counselors?

We want Berks County undocumented students to receive the help they need. The best way to help them is by having teachers, school counselors, social workers, and administrators work together and provide a safe environment for students to come out. The sooner they disclose their status, the more options and resources they can be provided. We can help make your school a safe environment, and provide you with resources to give your students. Schedule a training by contacting us!

Tired of feeling like you're not doing enough?

Join us at out monthly GRIP meeting where we get updates on immigration policy, advocate for undocumented students, and raise money for undocumented students to pursue higher education. We meet the first Tuesday of every month. Contact us for location details and to be on our emailing list!