De Facto American Support Group

We also developed another group called the De Facto American Support Group. This group is composed of students, both in high school and college, who are undocumented, DACA recipients, and citizen allies. They provide education, resources, and emotional support to others who are in the pursuit of the American Dream. 


De facto is Latin for "the fact is," so "de facto American" means "the fact is American" Therefore, the fact is, we are American. The De Factos, for short, are students from different backgrounds who are American. They were raised here, speak English, most times better than their native language, and are just as American as any other student you come across. 


If you would like to be part of the group or would like to invite them to speak at an event, please contact us.



GRIP's De Facto Americans pose as a group after the Summit comes to an end.

Posted by Greater Reading Immigration Project - GRIP on Saturday, 11 April 2015

How it feels to be An Undocumented Student

There are many things that go through the mind of a young undocumented student. Most students find out they are undocumented when they are in high school. Their classmates are getting drivers licenses, getting jobs, sending college applications, and applying for scholarships/financial aid. They realize they cannot do any of the mentioned things, or they have higher barriers than their classmates. 

This article explains what is like to be inside the mind of a young adult trying to navigate their last years of high school AND finding out they are different from their peers... exactly what a student wants to hear. You can check out the article by clicking here

If you are an undocumented/DACAmented student reading this, know you are not alone. Our group has young adults with different immigration statuses, all trying to do the best they can with the cards they were dealt. Just know, they are succeeding. There is nothing that can stop them from accomplishing their dreams, they may be DREAMers, but that does not mean they cannot succeed in acquiring an education.